I coach and train solo business owners to become more profitable through online technology

Together we can automate, diversify, and scale your offering. Even if you're small, you can still play big.

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Managing Finances

Creating your pricing structure, working out how much you need to earn, paying yourself a regular salary, saving for the future.

I'm a trained financial coach and create a confidential non-judgemental space where you can talk about any aspect of your finances.

Teaching Online

Sharing your expertise and increasing your revenue through online courses, webinars, and guidebooks.

I've been building online courses for 20 years and they now form the core part of my business model. I can help you learn how to plan, build, and promote your courses.

Automating Tasks

Saving yourself time and money by automating those boring repetitive tasks.

As a geek who loves learning, I spend much of my time experimenting with new tools and then teaching other people how they can use them.


Building your authority and profitability by publishing blog posts and books.

I've written books on many topics and also run a small publishing press entirely online. I can coach you to overcome writing blocks, plan a book, and self-publish it.

Technology, productivity, and finance-related resources to help you grow your business

February 18, 2021


February 11, 2021


January 30, 2021


About Catherine Pope

Before finding my ideal career as a coach and trainer, I worked for many years as a web developer (part of it in the finance industry) and then as a university lecturer. I'm now bringing together my love of finance, technology, and education to help other people build flourishing businesses.

I feel much more positive

I have a whole range of tools and resources I never knew existed to keep me on track. Your calm and non-judgemental approach really made the process easy, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I feel much more positive about my relationship with money and my future.

Coaching client


I felt cared about

Thank you so much for helping me find my way through something I have little experience of and found confusing. Your non-judgemental approach meant I didn’t mind asking questions. You made me feel relaxed and therefore I felt comfortable sharing with you. I felt cared about.

Coaching client


Positive and uplifting

The approach Catherine has put me at ease and I found her encouraging and non-judgemental when talking through difficult things. She gave me a wealth of tools and advice for planning for my future. Helped me set achievable goals and I found it a very positive and surprisingly uplifting experience. 

Coaching client