Catherine Pope - Financial CoachHello. I’m Catherine Pope, a financial coach based in Brighton.

I believe that money gives you choices. Once you feel confident with money, it gives you a solid foundation for the rest of your life. Although the financial world is often obscured by baffling terminology and complicated products, an understanding of a few key concepts will help you make much better decisions with your money. I love seeing clients’ faces when they realise they’re finally in control of their money, rather than money being in control of them.

Before finding my ideal career as a financial coach, I worked for many years as an IT manager/web developer, and also as a university lecturer specialising in Victorian literature. Yes, it’s an odd combination.

In 2018 I trained with Simonne Gnessen of Wise Monkey Financial Coaching to become a financial coach. I also have a Diploma in Life Coaching.

I live in Brighton with my partner Tanya and two stripy cats.