“Having financial counselling with Catherine has really turned my relationship with money around. I feel so much more in control now, not just of my finances but of my whole future. Catherine is a really kind person who’s easy to talk to, and it was obvious that she cared a lot about helping me to make positive changes. She listened to what I wanted and helped me figure out my own ways of making it happen, rather than just telling me what I should be doing. A very good investment for anyone who wants to change their spending habits or financial situation.”

“Financial coaching provided a supportive and facilitated space to explore the aspects of finance that I’d been ignoring and to identify the (sometimes surprising) reasons why I’d been ignoring them! Catherine is an excellent financial coach, she really strikes an excellent balance between providing the financial knowledge and expertise to help you move forward along with the supportive coaching space to help you identify your own ideas and solutions to obstacles that prevent you from tackling those financial demons! Talking about money is often challenging and emotive, but Catherine makes it much easier with her gentle, non-judgemental style.”

“Thank you Catherine! As a newbie to coaching I didn’t really know what to expect but my sessions with you have really helped me sort through my thoughts around money and make solid plans for the future. I’ve gone from feeling clueless and chaotic about money to understanding a lot more about pensions, savings and I now know how to achieve my future goals. I have a whole range of tools and resources I never knew existed to keep me on track. Your calm and non-judgemental approach really made the process easy, and it was a pleasure to work with you. I feel much more positive about my relationship with money and my future. I would certainly recommend you to my family and friends!”

“From these three sessions I have changed my view about money and how I need to manage it. I would highly recommend you to anyone who would like financial coaching. Thank you so much for helping me find my way through something I have little experience of and found confusing. Your non-judgemental approach meant I didn’t mind asking questions. You made me feel relaxed and therefore I felt comfortable sharing personal thoughts and situations with you. I felt cared about.”

“I found financial coaching with Catherine immensely helpful for navigating my finances, an area I’ve previously found stressful and quite negative. The approach she has put me at ease and I found her encouraging and non-judgemental when talking through difficult things like debt and spending habits. She gave me a wealth of tools and advice for planning for my future. Helped me set achievable goals and I found it a very positive and surprising uplifting experience. I would definitely recommend her to family and friends, in fact I already have.”

“Catherine’s coaching was fantastic and gave me a good grounding as I move from full-employment to being self-employed. I’d suggest that this coaching is fundamental to anyone starting a business in order to plan for the future from the outset. We covered topics which I wouldn’t have initially considered this early, but planning for retirement and therefore what pension contributions need to be thought about now was invaluable. We discussed attitudes and beliefs around finances which gave me some good insight into how I think about money. Also, Catherine’s experience and style meant her guidance was super practical and not theoretical.”