Financial Coaching for Couples

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Money is a common source of conflict in relationships. This is why we often avoid those difficult conversations and allow problems to linger.

In coaching, I facilitate a conversation between you so you can understand each other’s financial histories and values. Using proven coaching techniques, I help you negotiate and resolve financial differences. You can read an interview with Adam and Lana to learn about their experience.

It’s not about deciding who’s right! We’ll work together to identify shared financial goals and develop a clear strategy for achieving them.

Changing our money mindset and achieving compromise are often uncomfortable at first. But the potential benefits are financial wellbeing and a closer relationship.

If you’d like to start a positive conversation about money, please email me or complete the form below. I’ll respond within 24 hours to arrange a phone conversation or to book our first session. I’ll ask you both to complete a questionnaire and provide some more information. This helps me tailor the session to your needs.

“Catherine really helped my partner and me to look at the issues we had discussing money and our shared future in a completely different way, and the effect has been completely transformative. We’re now able to approach these issues without them being destructive, and are excited about the plans we’re making for the years ahead. She also helped us hugely on an individual basis with advice about financial issues we had, leaving us both in a much better and healthier place in relation to our finances, debt, pensions, budgeting and a host of other issues. I would highly recommend her coaching to anybody, regardless of how financially secure you are.” Feedback from client

How it works

I offer financial coaching for couples as a package comprising:

  • 3 x 1.5-hour coaching sessions
  • Email support and accountability between sessions
  • Templates and worksheets to help you make progress

I find that most couples need three sessions to make significant progress. Once you’ve completed the final session, you’re welcome to book further individual sessions if and when you need them.

The three sessions typically follow this structure:

  • Session 1 – Discovery: Learning about you, your goals, and what’s standing in your way
  • Session 2 – Clarity: Establishing what you need to do and what tools you need to help you both
  • Session 3 – Action: Developing a plan and working out how you’ll achieve it together


The cost of the package is £800+VAT (£960).

Sessions are held either at my office in Central Brighton or by Zoom (an alternative to Skype).

How to get started

First, complete the enquiry form below to help me understand your needs. You’ll automatically get a link to book a free 30-minute phone chat. During this initial conversation, I can find out more about you, and you get the opportunity to ask any questions about financial coaching. If you want to go ahead, I’ll send you the link to my calendar so you can book your first coaching session and I’ll invoice you the cost of the coaching package.

Should you have any questions, take a look at my FAQs or email me.

Coaching Enquiry Form

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