How to Capture Web Snippets with Hypothesis

In this demo, I’ll show you Hypothesis, a free Chrome extension for managing web snippets and annotations. It also syncs with, which means you can keep a wide range of content all in one place.

How to Take Really Long Screenshots

Capturing long webpages is a pain. In this short demo, I’ll show you how you can save them easily with a paid Chrome extension called GoFullPage. I’m not affiliated in any way with GoFullPage, I just think it’s an excellent tool.

How to Create a Square Video for Social Media

In this demo, I’ll show you how you can change the size and shape of your videos, first in Camtasia, and then with an online tool called Canva. These are both affiliate links, so I receive a small amount of commission if you purchase either product.

How to Create an Interactive Checklist in InDesign

In this short tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create a checklist in InDesign that’s both interactive and printable. I’m assuming you already know the basics of InDesign. If not, I recommend the InDesign Essentials course on Skillshare (affiliate link).

How to Create a Content Library with Readwise

If you’re anything like me, you consume all sorts of content: books, blog posts, newsletters, and podcasts. It’s hard keeping track of it all. In this short demo, I’ll show you Readwise, a web-based tool for collecting, organising, and reviewing your highlights. I’m not associated in any way with Readwise, I just love it!

How to Use a Second Camera in Zoom

In this 90-second demo, I’ll show you a little-known setting in Zoom that allows you to use a second camera. This is great for sharing objects and techniques off-screen, alongside your talking head. You might also be interested in my post on How to Turn Your Phone into a Webcam.

Capture Handwritten Notes with a Rocketbook

There are lots of great note-taking apps out there, but sometimes you just want to scribble with a pen and paper. In this short demo, I’ll show how the Rocketbook1 gives you the best of analogue and digital. This is an Amazon affiliate link, on which I receive a small commission. I’m not associated with Rocketbook in any way - I’m just a very enthusiastic owner of several! ↩︎

Conquer Boring Tasks with the Pomodoro Technique

We all have tasks we avoid doing. For some, it’s writing blog posts, while others struggle with keeping on top of email. Nearly everyone, though, will do anything to avoid accounts. In this short video, I’ll introduce you to the Pomodoro Technique, an effective way of conquering those boring jobs.

How to Remove a Photo Background in Canva

Transparent backgrounds are highly versatile, but quite tricky to achieve in tools like Photoshop. In this short demo, I’ll show you how to remove a photo background quickly and easily with Canva. This is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission if you sign up for the paid version of Canva. I’m not associated with them in anyway, though, I just love the product.