Alongside my own writing projects, I've also coached and trained thousands of people on boosting their confidence, clarity, and productivity.

Current Projects

Contributing to Open Source Projects with GitHub

This guide helps non-technical people contribute to open source projects, using GitHub Desktop and Visual Studio Code. I'm currently testing the guide with Open Journal Systems, a project for which I volunteer.

Getting Started with Zotero

Based on a book I first published in 2014, this project guides researchers through using Zotero for citation management. The new edition will be both open source and open access. Readers can contribute through GitHub, or create translations. The text is then available as a website (built through Hugo and Netlify) and a ebook.

How to Publish Your PhD

Following my book on How to Finish Your PhD, this book supports researchers through the next stage: turning their thesis into a book. We cover all the stages, including finding a publisher, planning your project, boosting writing productivity, editing your own work, and promoting the book. The emphasis is on using agile methods to avoid scope creep and stay on track. The manuscript is currently with beta readers who are trying the techniques.

Books Published

  • How to Finish Your PhD (2020)
  • Getting Started with Zotero (2020)
  • Florence Marryat (Key Popular Women Writers Series) (2020)
  • Making the Most of Twitter: A Step-by-Step Guide for Academics (2015)
  • Managing Your Research with Evernote (2014)
  • Writing Your Thesis with Scrivener (2014)

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